Is the smoke easily evacuated in a wigwam?

Thanks for sharing the pictures. It incites me to plan for new projects, etc.


With the smoke hole and door flap both open, the ventilation is good. Even with just the smoke hole, plenty can escape, especially since the walls aren’t air-tight. I had a problem a couple nights ago with moist wood smoking the place up, and the smoke cleared pretty quickly. Today, I made sure to have bone dry wood.


I really appreciate the info. I am doing my Senior project on Rewilding, and I’m planning on making a Wigwam in the playground area at my school.

I was wondering, what other kinds of materials can you use for the covering that are easiest to find? I don’t know where to get cattails or barks that would work, and I’m not sure about canvas or hides. I would love to use hides but I haven’t the slightest idea of where to find them in the Portland area…Any ideas?


Aside from the burlap that my high school class used, I don’t have any other ideas.


Lookin good Dan :slight_smile: I may be doing something similar at the new place, I’ll letcha know.



That’s way cooler than mine, though I did notice the door looked a bit tall. Mine requires hunching over, and I’m not very tall. I didn’t see it anywhere, but did he say what he used for the door flap and smoke hole cover? I’m looking to replace the piece of plywood I use for my smoke hole for something easier to handle and that will block more of the airflow when closed.


I think he said he’s gathering the materials to weave a mat for the door. I imagine he’s using one of those bark slabs for his smoke hole.


Ah, neat. I’m still hoping to get some bark sheets for mine. Might just put them over the tarps, for extra insulation.


Yeah, make it usable now and continue to work on it or another one while you get familiar with how to live in it.


Those’re both awesome!



Any updates on your wigwam? Have you done much living in it? Are you staying warm?



Oi, I haven’t been out there in months, actually. It stayed pretty dry, and I was able to sleep comfortably in it for awhile. But without funds or enough blankets around, I didn’t have anything to insulate it with for the winter. Nearly froze my ass off out there one night after the weather changed, even with a fire going. Tarps might keep rain out, but they don’t keep the heat in well. I might try to scavenge felt from old car trunks, maybe start piling up debris around it as well. I think I have to clean it out first, whatever I do, since I left a bunch of stuff in there.