What is keeping you in civ/Soc?


I haven’t found that to be true from my own personal experiences, SilverArrow.

I have been accepted for the long-term with the Zalabiyeh Bedouin tribe for example, I know two other outsiders from Europe who have been living in villages among Bedouin extended families for 7+ years. I also know of other people who have lived among present-day tribal peoples in other parts of the world and some of them have been adopted long-term into those tribal social groups.


It’s just about wakeup time. A bat told me I’ve been babbling in my sleep, mostly DMXs ruffridersanthem over and over. I informed that hanging fool that I’M NOT THAT EGOTISTICAL! I’M BETTER THAN THAT! So yah in my HO the internet blows so I’m off to greener pastures. Best of luck n grace to you all, whoever you are. Should we somehow cross paths, I don’t see how but should we, I’ll most likely give my full confidence and share my treasures unconditionally. Inna sense that’s leaving civilization.

Wildy wildy hateciv wildy. ;D


Me & mine still have to develop more skills. My closest friends and I have considered ourselves to be “family” long before any of us (at least voiced) interests in getting out of Civ, but only recently have some of us realized a similar goal. So, this summer and beyond we’re dedicating to learning and practicing skills and such. Also, I’d like to integrate at least one more female into our group, heh. So far I’m one of only two! Some of us are more into the idea than others; my boyfriend, for example, is supportive but his goal is to build a recording studio, but he’s still all about learning how to hunt and such, so I’m fairly optimistic even then. And really, as a musician, I can’t argue much with a recording studio at my fingertips :-\

It’ll still be awhile (like, a few years) before we’re ready, but we’ve all been talking about throwin’ down for some land in the future, so I am optimistic that we’ll get to actually do it when we’re ready.

If something goes wrong, though, I’m keeping Russell Means’s invitation to the Lakota Country he extended the folks of NE, SD, ND, WY and Montana in mind. He’s controversial, but the impression I’ve gotten from the Lakota I’ve met is that so long as you’re genuine, the door is open. At least up there.

On the topic of being ‘arrogant’ in wishing to join an already-existing group of Indigenous, you’d be surprised at how open people can be if you’re sincere. Of course, you can’t exactly waltz right in and expect instant acceptance; but it is possible. 30% of the population of the Santee Reservation in Nebraska is white. And the Indians I have met that attend Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS are eager to share their culture with non-Indians who are interested. At least, that’s been my experience.


I’ve seriously considered the Lakota invitation, too.

What keeps me in civ/Soc?

Great question. Fear–that’s the biggest. Lack of skills. Lack of community that I’ve bonded with and trust. As long as civ exists, I want to at least remain in contact with it, in part because I want to use my skill set to help bring it down, but also because many of the people I love consider themselves civilized.


My friends, family, and everything I aspired for my in my life. My community, and my life’s goal–to teach awareness about autism wherever I go.

Though I do suck with many things in Civ. My autism makes it hard for me to earn money.

I actually will ask everyone: How do you earn money and do so in the midst of attempts to rewild? I’ve currently tried to carve a niche on the “edges” of civ as a nomadic traveler, living hand to mouth by the support of families afflicted with people with autism, which is what I am doing, and earning money as an author (writing about autism), and musician performing music related to my work.


Family. I’ve been blessed enough to find a mate as wild as me, and if it were just us, we’d live on the road. But we’re not alone. A group is too big to wander around with nowadays, rich, wild, untainted resources far and few between cities and highways, many government and police threats for people like us. So we wait until we can buy land with pointless paper money.


I find myself doing the same thing. I’m currently stuck in a small town in Arizona, where I have no friends, or even like-minded acquaintances. I frequently find myself just driving around mindlessly, and looking at/purchasing used books that i’ll never get around to reading as a form of distraction.


I actually live in the woods but not on a full time basis. Sometimes I live in my car other times I live in a tipi. I do own a house and when it sells plan on going out full time. I have been learning skills for over 20 years and am a Kamana grad. The hardest thing is being alone most of the time mainly during the winter. Maybe if people would start by taking baby steps into this life and then make the transition gradually they would develop the skills and desire to go 100%. As far as Bills go you can just walk away and let them do whatever that’s what a friend of mine from Tracker school did. Most people feel stuck and will use whatever means not to fully live a dream when deep inside they want to do something. You only live once take the jump and do what you want not what society wants.


It takes a very strong spirit to not get sucked down into society forever. The main things preventing me from rewinding are fear and attachment. I dont want to be too isolated from people. My fears of facing possible near death experiences in harsh conditions, combined with physical addictions like lust and comfort. As the native Americans believed, there is the higher mind and the lower mind. The lower mind is everything physical including survival and food. The higher mind is the relation with the eternal spirit presence. My lower mind is often counter higher unless I’m using it for high intentions like rewilding.


Yep. And my Native friends and I talk about this all the time. Interestingly, that concept of spiritualism over the body appears in many Christian sects and other religions perceived to be the polar opposite of Native spiritualism.


So much corruption in western religions and thought but I think Jesus himself had really similar intentions as many Native Americans. There are very few people that actually do what Jesus said to do with giving up money, sex, living as a nomad and embracing suffering. Basically all modern Christians do the opposite and get crazy about it. So many different interpretations of the same book. As my friend says most people base their philosophy around their lives, not their lives around their philosophy.


You’re darn right they do! My uncle is a prominent Christian philosopher and he’s written about that extensively.


Lack of Support. I have a family, and that’s the most important thing to me. Until we are all ready to leave civilization, I’m not going anywhere. Also, I would totally die with my current skill and knowledge base. I need the help, structure, and love of other people to make it, and I don’t have enough to try yet.

In other words, I haven’t sailed the horizon because my ship and crew aren’t ready yet.

same here


Hey buddy, my wife and son-on-the-way are the only thing keeping me in society.
I dream about it every night and think about it every day. Just packing up all my stuff… just walking off, somewhere nice, somewhere quiet, building my own house and spend my days hunting,swimming, running climbing and fishing.
Unfortunately for me my wife is terrified of the outside world.


Igot and Herve,

I agree. A community in civilization is still a community, and people need to have one of those to survive. I wouldn’t abandon my friends and family for anything even though they live in civilization.