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I don’t know. I like a lot of the ideas so far, especially the unhierarchical ones, though, I have some:






possibly rewilded


Well I’ve changed my profile name several times so far and to do so one must start a new profile which starts you over on the title names. In fact, if I never changed my profile name like three times or something like that I would probably have “hero” title status by now. To bad I couldn’t keep my post count and change my profile name at the same time. So how do we deal with this, if at all? I don’t see my self as a “newbie” to the site but if I make a new profile name I will have the title of one. I mean I’ve visited the site since it first started and chimed in as the tenth member last time I checked and know my way around the site like I know my way around the back of my hand so I wouldn’t call myself a newbie, I’d only call my new profiles “newbies” not me. See what I mean?


[quote=“Andrew Jensen, post:20, topic:307”]Won’t shut up[/quote] :smiley:


Yeah, I notice that you do a lot of after-the-fact editing and name changing. Unfortunately, the board platform doesn’t give you the option to keep the same account and slap a different name on it.

Your example, though, indicates yet another way as to how the post count doesn’t really indicate anything significant. Thus, I would rather go with something humorous (like the upside-down Tylor stages) or something ethereal (like yarrow dreamer’s suggestions.)

Keep a few more ideas coming, though, and I’ll take them all and start the poll next week.

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Won’t shut up
[/quote] :D[/quote]

And after that we could have “seriously, why the hell won’t this person shut up?” Followed by “okay, who has the duct tape?”


??? Hmmm…Not sure what’cha mean by after-the-fact editing. Hey but thanks for noticing me at all. :slight_smile:

Hmmm....Not sure what'cha mean by after-the-fact editing. Hey but thanks for noticing me at all.

I just mean that I noticed that you tend to go back and edit your posts after you have posted them. I don’t mean it to sound like a criticism, just an observation.


I see, yeah I do that sometimes, to me it feels like I post and then go, 'Oh shit! I made a typo! Gotta delete it and repost it fast before anyone replies to it with that typo in it, ‘cause they might misunderstand and I hate making modifications.’ Good eye! :wink:


Yeah. My suggestion is based on the fact that post counts don’t say anything except, you knoe, how much someone posts.

How about

new guy
comes by occassionally
here all the time
won’t go home
fucking lives here.

I don’t know, I like the idea that they get more humerously insulting the higher it goes. Sorta like how some tribes kid successful hunters about their “poor performance” in order to check egos.


Instead of ‘noob’ on my last suggestions, how about adding there ‘NEW PROFILE’. And, after ‘possibly rewilded’ how about adding ‘rewild.info seasoned.’

NEW PROFILE, noob, interested, open, regular, rewilder, possibly rewilded, rewild.info seasoned.


I got a little swamped with some stuff today, so I won’t have time to start the poll. Feel free to keep adding ideas, and hopefully I can get something put together for later this week.


I think… I thought of a variation on the Urban Scouts lattest suggestion. Every member who chooses to compiles a list of 10 adjectives and or verbs and 10 creatures, they’re all combined and every new member is assigned five random couplings from the combined list for the various levels. That’d probably take some programming.


Yeah, your idea sounds fun, Richard, but unfortunately it would definitely take some programming.


I have closed this suggestion thread. See [iurl=http://www.rewild.info/conversations/index.php?topic=478.0]the poll thread[/iurl] to vote on which suggestions you like best.