The Lone Mountain Man


Thanks L. Ross, I like how you sketch out the move from seeking hermitage to seeking a rewilded culture. When I started this thread, I wanted to challenge the widespread belief that seeking a hermitage “is where it’s at”. Hopefully, it’s helped some folk shift from focusing strictly on the technical aspects and more on the social & cultural aspects of rewilding as well.


Beautiful and well said.


I didn’t read any of this I just wanted to point out how much has changed since the 1700’s …

Modern examples of lone mountain men exist but also highlight this physical environmental & socio - political change, necessitating things like identification even if you successfully re wild.


Has anyone else here felt like they were slowly becoming a hermit?
like peter said, practicing rewilding alone is something that is possible.(not very fun ). Has anybody else practiced so often alone (whatever the skill is) that they are actually becoming hermits (avoiding people/groups)

basically, i’m am lucky to share my life with partner/community, but other than that i’m a hermit.

I guess my question is do you have to be alone to be a hermit? I think my partner and i are semi-hermit together… Any advice would be helpful.