Some of my problems

I get the gist of all the paleo diet primal anarchy bent, but this is completely un-realistic for poor people. I find that persons with published books like “primal fat burner” to border on being elitists in their promotion of things unobtainable by most.

I get why people come to your conclusion.
However, if you remove all the stigma and media behind primal eating, it is just eating simple foods with
out the extra “crap” or processed chemicals.

“Poor” people use to be the one’s who had to grow, find their own food or hunt for it. Take up foraging, and learn to hunt small animals or fish? It is feasible.

And I don’t read those books because they are promoted to lure in the elitist people to buy into the newest paleo trends.

I don’t agree that it is for today’s poor. The poor of the past didn’t have enough work so they had time. Today’s poor have multiple jobs and no time. The dynamic has really changed. And I think a lot of it has to do with housing speculation that has caused investors to make housing so expensive that a person has to work so many hours just to have a space to sleep.

Yes, clearly the worst off are the working poor, and which are the most poor that can be reported. I’ve often wondered if homelessness is easier or better than working just to eek out subsistence.
Even houseless folks struggle with low to no options to forage, private property being the biggest concern, then non edible invasive species, native species replaced with worthless ornamental plants in landscapes. Dumpster diving is usually carb heavy- and meat that is in the dumpster is iffy at best (I had a canned tuna episode - while technically within sell by date of 1 week - put me down for many days).
Rural areas like the Midwest and Great Plains can be virtual deserts, all grain and it mostly inedible. Also to mention a severe shortage of wildlife to hunt in many areas and some wildlife that is hunt-able, needs permission from landowner, state hunting tag/license etc.

it frankly depresses me a bit to see all this paleo centric viewpoint with all of its hand selected data, and it being the possible cure to many’s ailments- but yet it’s clearly unavailable except to a select few

The current system does suck.
It’s not set up for the average person to be successful in the modern world.
Still, there has to be something that can be done to alleviate some stressors. We still have some control over a few aspects in our lives. Still trying to figure that out… but not giving up

I’ve read that health and wellness is the new rich person fad. It’s a caste marking to not be healthy and it shows your poverty.

I have a very long and strong interest in nutrition and anthropology. I also hear you on the struggles of the working poor. Elitist as it may be, precious few of our species would want to ignore information that would allow them to obtain a superlative longevity. I am a low income person with a disability and yet I have never compromised once on nutrition; I prioritize my health, as it is more important to me than any possession. I also chose not to have children and now I am carless. My apartment has so few possessions one would wonder if it was because of poverty. It is foremost a choice because I don’t want stuff, I want to be out in the world. My luxury is reading material and good food. That’s it. Just my choice. I only live in my shoes. Pay now or pay the doctor later.

Money, where does it come from? Where does the native area come from?, it is all nice but show me poor people and show me their situation