Rewilding the Science of Animal Behavior - Immediate Moment and Concentric Ring Theory


By attending to their Physical center of gravity (aka “p-cog”), the animal also accesses their physical memories that are woven tightly around that p-cog, as feelings of how well they moved before in similar situations. Physical memory is relived, not remembered, so the animal experiences this as a direct, moment-to-moment feeling of pressure or release that they associate/feel from the animal looking at them.


Let’s say in this situation, the animal feels good in its gut/p-cog, because the other animal is relaxed and also feeling good in its gut. There is no tension in the other animals shoulder/neck/head, because of that good feeling, and so the animal feels “open”.

With tension in the shoulders, front legs, and so on, the other animal would feel “closed”, reflecting energy right back at the object. But here all is open and feeling good, and so the object relives memories of good movement in similar situations and energy flows.


In this situation, the “collectedness” the animal feels is not the urge to run away, it is grounded, present, and patient, the animal expands their sense of self to encompass the other, and senses when and how the pressure can release to move and wave couple with the other animals, creating greater good feeling through locomotive rhythm and wave coupling than either could feel on their own.


This is also how predators can feel how and when to pursue prey. The prey feels “closed”, or non-conductive of emotional momentum, if they are too close to cover, or if their eyes are aware and watching the predator.

They feel “open” when they are looking away and unaware of the predator, or if the predator feels through emotional calculus (reliving past memories of moving well in a similar situation) that they are too far from cover.


Hey Willem and all,

I’d like to revive this thread! Hope my following observations make sense…

How about the courting rituals that include circling around each other, wrapping around each other… and then with growing intimacy and excitement spiraling around each other, out of control, the feeling of melting the two waves into one…

Once you start looking, you see spirals in connection with reproduction everywhere!