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That website keeps quitting on me :’( Ai wanna lolcat too!


keep trying, chase!


Lolcats r subversively animist?

Dunno if any of you guys have seen this article on It emphasizes the “anthropomorphism” of lolcats. What occurs to me is that anything that sees personality and personhood in animals is kind of animist - or at least is a step in the right direction. What do you think?


i totally agree. and i agree with most of that article, too. i think lolcats offer an important way to speak in a homegrown pictographic language about how we feel about the world. i of course love the tragedy lolcats the most.



quote : prissy primitivist

what do you think?

I think they barely scratch the surface. Negligble animistic awakening potential. I watched alot of Loony Toons as a child and didn’t think any differently of waskly wabbits for it.

How deep does animism go? One can plunge the depths till they can’t plunge anymore and still explore only the barest fraction, but methinks the fruits of that exploration stay.