Rewilding memes!



Hey Willem… it’s an interesting coincidence that as you just posted that cute photo of the lonely ground hog, I was also posting a cute photo of a “Rock Chuck” (ground Hog) on . My childhood friend, Clyde, who happens to be a Native American and cultural historian just sent me an interesting story he wrote entitled “The Fine Art of Cooking Ya Ha (Rock Chuck) And Other Recollections”. Ground Hog was and still is a traditional delicacy of his Shoshone tribal people.


cool! thanks orion!


I can’t stop! help! :slight_smile:


Alright guys, time for a new hobby… :stuck_out_tongue:



That’s more like it! ;D





Seems as though my balls may be a little too big…

I will get on deleting that. kthx!


thay taker me outto jungl
thay taker jungl outto mee

i have no software. if i did i might join in the fray full force.


You don’t need software! Just go here:

Jeez I couldn’t lolcats without that website.


you just go there, pick a picture, and type some words to go on it. for example:


i blame you for getting me started again. good thing i won’t have internet all week! enjoy this last one everybody. :slight_smile:






I know - it’s pretty much like one of Urban Scout’s originals, and it’s perpetuating this dastardly topic.
Oh well, vanity…

Terri in Joburg