Rewilding: A Battle?

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It sure did. As always, thank you for taking the time to clear it up.

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Re. rewilding being a battle:

Personally, I agree with Derrick Jensen in Endgame that civilization has (for all intents and purposes) declared war on the natural world and life in general. Everyday, more of the natural world is destroyed, torn up, paved over, etc.

So in that respect, I think that to be on a path of rewilding but ignoring (or choosing to do nothing about) this destruction - which ultimately means our own/our children’s destruction - is akin to sticking one’s head in the sand. IOWs, there is a war going on, civ against everything wild (a.k.a. the plot to domesticate the world ;)), whether we acknowledge it or not.

But I guess we don’t HAVE to use the word “war” to describe this. Although I do think it’s pretty apt (because of the destruction it entails).

That doesn’t mean we all have to “fight”, however. Like people have said elsewhere, all forms of rewilding are necessary and beneficial, and people should rewild their own communities & land in whatever way they can do best. Still, dams need to come down though (soon!), so SOMEONE will have to contribute in that particular fashion. And the more people involved in that the better, IMHO.

I see rewilding as an effort on our part to build the new story talked about in Ishamel, a story which gives us a place in the great scheme of things instead of putting us at odds with it. Basically we are building a written and oral culture capable of sustaining the diversity of life and humanity through every possible catasthropy imaginable. We are in the process of becoming the keepers we were meant to be, through a fusion of the lessons learned in the Dreamtime pre-civ and the harsh lessons gained in this cycle of civilization.

So let’s build something solid, shall we;-)

ReWilding is MUCH MUCH MUCH to multi-faceted to be merely a “battle”.
To me its more like a journey. There might be times when we meet “battle” on our travels, but we also find “lost love of self”, friends, family, the aliveness of the world, tears and solitude, anger and intense sense of happiness, amongst many many other things. ReWilding is reclaiming life in its fullest sense.
How to describe such a thing?

As an art? The Art of Rewilding:-) Part gardening, part philosophy, part martial arts, part survival, part fun, part despair and a big dose of love.