Kingdom of God (rewilding the bible)


Well said, and much in line with how I see Jesus as a Christian Rewilder, or a Jesus Follower (as christian was a term that was not originally used by us, but was a name assigned us by the haters)! I just wish more Jesus followers saw him as this reckless, wild, homeless/feral man-god that he was. If they did, then what a change there could be… for the faith. But I regress.


The best way of rewilding would be this pursuit of sustainability with godliness apart from civilization, it would indeed be a change for the better. The issue I see is that with one or two people moving from civilization to that, even if done in the best way, they are not enough to have that way last. There would need to be enough of those who are compatible and will work willingly at this together, with commitment to staying as community together, to have that last. It would show others in the world this is really the way for us to live.


I would like having Christian rewilders in special communication for further discussion. Would exchange of email addresses through personal messages be acceptable for it?