Guests checking us out more than we check us. Anyone notice that?


:o 107! Amazing! :slight_smile:


155! And 3 users! Holy crap!




sigh. party pooper.


Search your heart, you know it to be true :o


upon reflection, i think they’d only assign one FBI guy to not one hundred and sixty-six.

just a thought.


i don’t know, Willem. if you were a fed, wouldn’t talk of eating nettles and roadkill strike fear into your heart? by gosh, that sort of thing goes against everything god-fearing amerikans value! :wink:


Awesomeness! Perhaps if the agent(s) do they will learn something about awesomeness since we do create and post a lot of awesomeness, a lot of real useful sustainable culture information here, eh? True awesomeness, eh? Something worth telling, eh? :o


Oh geez, another party foul.



I noticed that we get a lot of guests checking out our site way more than the actual users.

I for one only log in if I want to post. If I just want to read posts, I do it as a guest. I am sure that others do this too. Why log in to read if you don’t have to?

The software undoubtedly allows admins to change the settings so that one must log in to read posts. It could probably be set so that guests could view thread titles, which could further whet their appetite.

Or some forum sections could be read by guests and others not. (There could even be private sections that would be invisible to non-logged-in members, if that was desired.)

There may be people who only lurk as guests and never register because they never post, so if you did this there would probably be more registrations.

I’m only pointing out these possibilities in case anyone feels it is a problem. The status quo could be fine.


I personally don’t feel the need to have to remember who posted last on what thread the last time I read it, and when. Logging in allows one to see very quickly what is new since the last time one logged in.


I don’t see anything different when I am logged in or not (except for the Reply buttons, etc, by posts). I can click on “View Recent Posts” at the bottom of the page and read the newest posts whether logged in or not. Being logged in or not doesn’t make any difference in being able to read the latest posts. The only thing that changes when you log in is that you get the ability to post or reply.

There may be something I’m missing here, but a lot of other people could be missing it as well, judging by the fact that there are so many times more Guests than logged-in members at any given moment.


Oh yeah! Forgot about that button that just shows the most recent posts in order. I never use it.


Well, what exactly is it that you can read (or click to read, or whatever) when you are logged in that you can’t when you are not?

But anyway, I’ll bet a lot of Guests are using that link at the bottom to read latest posts, just as I do when not logged in.


It’s not that I can read things otherwise inaccessible, but rather that it puts those little plus signs or whatever to the left of the specific sections that have had activity since the last time I logged in.

As for the guests, my guess is either the general web-surfing bringing people around once or twice, or that some people are a bit nervous about joining the forum and jumping in. I mean, we’re definitely not espousing a mainstream viewpoint here, and that worries some people.


I don’t worry too much about the guests. I figure they probably found a thread via Google and they’re just checking out the info in that thread, for whatever reason. The majority probably won’t use as a conversation forum. That’s fine.

BTW, there is also an RSS feed for posts.


I just remember the date & vague time I last looked and scan for posts made after that. I rarely post because I’m supposed to introduce myself first and I don’t do introductions.

Actually now I think of it, it’s even more common that I’ll just visit and check for interesting thread titles on the sidebar.