After hearing Aesop’s “The Ant and the Grasshopper” fable actually reflects how these two insects prepare for winter, ants make more sense to me as a serious year-round staple. Also won’t bother the Game Comission (except philosophically, i.e. by your “disturbing” level of independence).

Anyone know anything about collecting a lot of ants?

Like all this stuff I need to get out of my daily rut and learn by doing. So far, a little hiking around looking for nests, sometimes it looks really promising, sometimes not.

Also, if eating a lot regularly, baby ants may have less acid than worker ants. That might matter.

Ultimately I agree, they taste great - sometimes like lobster with a vinegar sauce. When I told a relatively open-minded aunt (no pun intended) about entomophagy, she said she’d rather die than eat bugs, and I thought, ok, well I hope almost every “western civilized person” thinks like that.


For the most part, I think they will. At the risk of getting a bit off topic, rejecting horses as a food source was a factor in the failure of the Nordic Greenland colony. I am hopefull. :smiley: