Squatting In National Forest and Wilderness Areas

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There will always be some crazy vegans promoting abolition of humanity, you gotta deal with it. I too think that the aquirement of wilderness skills and the discussion about the future of human society are not really connected and I understood this thread as merely talking about an individual approach.
I will try to do some “wild” camping maybe next week. The biggest problem though is the cold, it’s not allowed to make a wild fire here and I don’t want to get fined. Are there ways to make non-smoking fires or does anyone have any ideas in general how to overcome the cold?

@sunbather This probably sounds super obvious, but one of the best ways to stay warm is simply to dress in layers. Wear an undershirt, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweater, jacket, & a coat over your trunk.
Wear sweat pants under your pants & insulated overalls over them. Wear hats, gloves, extra socks, & whatever you can put over your face. Substitute animal skins/furs if you’ve achieved total paleo self-sufficiency.

Working outside last winter I was toasty down to 7 degrees F w/out counting windchill dressed like this. As for sleeping, find or make a place out of the wind & rain (I was using the bed of my truck, but a depression in the earth could be made to work) & insulate yourself from the ground with leaves a couple feet thick. Place your sleeping bag (two - one inside the other - would be much better) on the pile of leaves to keep the earth from sucking out your body heat.

Fires are dangerous & energy intensive, use up resources, & can give away your location. Don’t use them unless absolutely necessary, such as for hot morning tea :slight_smile:

SharpRock, we are not top predators, we are an anomaly for nature. If any living population grew to such numbers nature would normally have some of the life culling it. Only if those of the animals being used are bred by the billions and billions every year for use to them makes the great population using them “top predators” does that count for us. It is not sustainable, and would not happen without civilization. But civilization is still here, and the great population of humanity is not going down enough within our lifetime here. The only way to go toward sustainability in living would not include using such animals from agriculture, not reproducing for increasing the human population, and not using wildlife which the use of isn’t needed, and which is being diminished from civilization with its animal agriculture and using resources and the environment.