Plans for mission bay, san diego

Recently attended a rewild meeting for changing the use of mission bay San Diego. This is an inter city area that has been used for recreation for over 50 years. One of the areas rewild wants to to change is an rv park that generations of families have enjoyed. Campland is one of the only remaining family camping areas on the water in the San Diego area. Closing this campground deprives people from having an affordable venue to enjoy the San Diego waterfront . I Invite the members of rewild to spend a few nights at Campland to meet some of the people your idealism will put out of work. You need to know this idealism has a human consequence. These are hard working people trying to make a living. Do you care?

I do not think this is the direction of rewilding. It is not the direction for me. Civilization is not sustainable. There is need for people to separate in living in alternative ways in sustainable living necessarily apart from and not involved with civilization. Those doing this are a model for others to do things like that. It does not actively tear down systems in civilization. It tears it only in more people not participating in it. Those staying will still see those systems and things in civilization will come down with collapses in one way or another. It will be lessened by more people leaving to live in such separate sustainable ways. This is what is needed in rewilding that I see, not political processes alone to change things.

Sounds like there is no room for humans in your world. What are you?

I could be wrong, but you seem to believe you’re speaking to an entirely different group of “rewilders”. ReWild Mission Bay is part of your local Audubon Society. We aren’t affiliated in anyway, & (I can only assume) most of us have qualms with both sides of your fight.

Here is our “primer”:

And here is the website of the community I believe you’re trying to reach:

Rdkongs: Sounds like there is no room for humans in your world. What are you?

With moving to sustainable ways to be living as was described, there is room for people doing so. There is room in this world more for them than those of civilization that cannot change as much. Civilization is not sustainable in the world and is not really stable, and its instability will grow. It cannot last. People may as well leave it while the going is good. But more doing so sooner in fully sustainable ways to live in this world will be better for the world with lessening of what disasters are coming.

So with seeing this, there is less issue about the RV recreation park, it is not the issue. If those in there can hear the message of moving out from the involvement with civilization, along with the real way of rewilding, they can join with others for that. Staying there is staying with civilization.