Illegal killing of game

that’s awesome!
I wish people around here were more adventurous!
I see some mushrooms growing in peoples yards, but, I honestly am not well versed enough in mushroom huntin to just know I’d be safe grabbing and running. as my aunt said:close is not close enough.

Seems like ya’ll need to learn how to even do it at all before you go around trying to do it illegally. Find some people who really know how to hunt by conventional means and do that for a while till you are at least used to what has to be done.
Hell, running around shooting crossbows near peoples homes is just not smart. I’d have kicked your ass off my place too before I finished off that bird and had it for supper.

I feel so bad for the bird. I forgot how nuts everyone is - that hunting yr dinner is against the rules of consumerism. Maybe you folks can learn something from this experience i had?

Yea people are crazy these days, sometimes it still makes me wonder at how people can frown upon hunting for food, when it is probably the most profitable (in terms of caloric energy value and fur/skin for clothing, etc) and important economic activity the human species can engage in to provide for our needs. How we are all connected by a hunting heritage, and how in the not-too-distant past nearly every family was eating wild meat and it was the most common thing for anyone to do. It used to be that every boy was out with a shotgun or bow bringing back a rabbit or grouse and men would compete with each other over hunting prowess and providing meat for their family and community.

Hunting without a license is something I think every person who is re-wilding has to confront at one time or another and I won’t judge anyone for the choice they make; whether they do it with paper or without. Some people seem to be content buying all their licenses in order to hunt wild meat, but I don’t agree personally with the whole idea of having to pay someone money for the “right” to hunt for food which is everyone’s heritage. Keeping a low profile is essential if you want to avoid unpleasant encounters and minimize detection, but there are plenty of other risks and health at stake if you don’t hunt for your food IMO. Again though, for those folks who have families or for some other reason purchase a license for their meat, I understand and respect their decision.

you could always think of it as paying for the ‘right’ to nto get fucked with. knowing that part of indiana fishing fees goes to habitat restoratioin, is it really such a hassle then to pay the 20 bucks?

I didn’t know they had their own style of restoration-fu! Please explain what you mean by that, it would enlighten me. Would it be, like, super grasses that repopulate areas more faster and more betterer?

I’m pretty sure it goes to species repopulation and law enforcement; which recently, I have found is a huge problem, that is, people treating these empty areas as some sort of private dumping grounds.

some licenses aren’t so bad. like, the deer licenses aren’t too bad, if you really work it you could take up to 7 deer this year for a relatively modest license fee (at least in OH).

on the other hand, $25 for a turkey licnese w/ a limit of 1 seems a bit steep, esp since they’re also on the overpopulated side… guess they’re just not as overpopulated as the deer…

Depending on where you live, poaching can have a steep price, you can sometimes even be charged with a felony. And also depending on how much hunting goes on around you and how much of a big business it is there (like it is here) then people can be rabid about making sure everyone follows the hunting laws. So it doesnt even matter if a fish and game warden or whatever sees you, anyone who sees you is gonna turn you in/have your name checked. Bah, it’s a pain in the ass.

The benefit of it is that otherwise the hoards of tourist hunters who come here from all of the country to hunt mountain lions, bears, elk and other big game would hunt everything to extinction. On the other hand, if there weren’t hunting laws maybe I could hunt fat drunk texans :wink:

they wouldn’t taste to good, but they’d make damn fine wall hangings :smiley:

kind of like paying the mob for “protection”?

Poaching is very illegal, yes. It is also very easy to get away with in an urban environment. Game wardens in WA state actually do a pretty good job checkin up on folks. My family alone has had to deal with them twice, but that is only in rural settings, they just don’t exist in Seattle. I have gotten rabbits all sorts of ways, including using a longbow. Walking home with two friends, a skinned and gutted rabbit, a longbow, a hatchet, and an enormous cleaver in the very early morning didn’t give us grief, and since we got away with that, I just can’t get too worried any more.

My urban poaching refinements now include not carrying any obviously fatal weapons. I think I would have a hard time explaining away a crossbow. Traps are what I want to move to, I feel like they would be easy enough to number and build them to make them look official. A friend uses a “hoola hoop of harm” for geese. I want to give that a try as well. It’s just a hoop with a net over it to throw like a frisbee over the geese.

I guess what I have really come to realize is that people in the city do not ever expect other folks are trying to kill and eat that bunny they see in the park. They wouldn’t consider it. If it is at all disguised they won’t catch on. Traps I would check at night, and I definately only hunt at night. I’ve probably only gone 10 times, but I have never had any problem whatsoever. I also bet that the parks and recreation shirt would work wonders, unless somebody that actually works at the park saw you. Exellent idea.

yea - crossbow is a hard one to conceal. since i posted my last feral failure in poaching, i have had several successes hunting rabbits - just sneaking up w/ a net on more tame urban rabbits. urban hunting is great fun if you can handle all the variables - dealing with killing an animal in a public place and being present to the animal him/herself i find challenging.
that goose hoola hoop idea is amazing! thanks!

I was reading some cool stuff about the sling…

It’s primitive, its hideable, and portable… just a thong, a patch, and a bunch of rocks or shot is all you need.

Nice find! i wanna try and make one !

Oh a sling! I think that’ll be my next project. I just made a slingshot, so why not something even simpler!

i’ve made a few slings, and i think they’re a reasonable tool, but the biggest problem i’ve run into is finding someplace where i can (safely) get in regular practice. just something to think about for those interested in pursuing it.

i imagine it’s probably not as large a problem for someone in a more rural area.

Slings are great fun, and good for hitting large stuff, but really hard to get good enough at to hit something small and moving like a rabbit, especially when the slinging motion is gonna be enough to scare away most animals. But heck, practice makes perfect I suppose. I’d stick with a slingshot while I can.