Hoosier National Forest Encampment

We are gauging interest in forming a system to facilitate a rewilding lifestyle for multiple families on a homesteading property situated in the Hoosier National Forest. A combination of keeping expenses low, permaculture design, and the legal utilization of the forest flora and fauna might allow for multiple seasonal (Memorial-Labor Day boating/camping season) business that operate from the property to generate enough income to “subsidize” a full-time homesteading or nomadic way of life for the rest of the year. This will take a high degree of innovation, but a good foundation has already been laid that I would be glad to discuss further. Additional information about me can be found in my introduction post. Thanks and have a good one.

I would have interest, with knowing how there is dependence continuing and to what extent on the income to have a rewilding lifestyle subsidized.

Hello, when time allows, just shoot me an email at lakemonroehomestead@gmail.com and I’ll provide as much information as possible. I usually check my email once a day at around 11pm.

Alright, good to hear. I don’t come to this forum so often. I will be in contact with you through email soon.

I am sorry I got to it as late as I did, I did manage to send you communication by email still. I hope you will answer what I was asking about here, through that communication.

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