Getting Off of Facebook

I second’s @joan’s suggestion to use RSS. There’s a new thing called json feed that is supposed to make this easier for content authors and reeder applications to integrate but it’s the same idea and it remains to be seen if it’s going to reverse the downward trend of RSS.

Most of the time though, people blogging and writing content use a platform that includes a RSS feed by default so it’s often as easy as adding a website to your RSS reader which will automatically find the feed URL and include it. I use RSS for all “news/content” and I just have a bunch of categories so that I can ignore some things when I’m not in the mood for them. Sometimes I send articles to Instapaper when it’s longer reads that I might want to read when I’m offline. I’ll also “star” my favorites when I read something I’ll likely want to refer to later.

One thing with RSS though is that you have to actively seek out new sources. Some might find the fact that new sources/ideas aren’t as easily discoverable to be a problem but since we tend to be more receptive to new ideas when we’re ready for them, I think it might work out okay in practice to require some effort on our part to seek out new sources.


those of you who are off facebook, what else do you do in terms of daily connection online? just rss feeds? any places other than this forum where you find good conversation around similar topics?

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I have been using Facebook, and my view is that it scatters me in my use of Facebook. I mean I come to reach others in common purposes. But there aren’t any I am finding that are exactly there to respond in the common purposes for communicating for any pursuits. Rewilders I think come closest, but still there are specific things I mean for it, and try with different groups and a variety of Facebook friends who could see what I post. And what specifically do I mean, that rewilders only come closest to? Sustainability is essential, and it calls for actually separating from civilization, as I am saying, in this life, to be apart from that and independent of it. Others who would join for a cohesive group doing this is desirable for a lasting presence for that. But I say it would really need to be sustainable, as far as possible, with the greatest changes for it. It will be then with using what the environment can support us with, so it would necessarily require great change to simplicity, and using what would be for the most sustainable way for living in this world with its environments around us.

Facebook scatters my communication to different people and groups that could come close to any of that possible, but I am not connecting with others for that still. Here in this forum site communication may be more focused for that.

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I’m so inspired by you guys quitting Facebook that I’m thinking I should sign up for it just so that I can give it up. I have a wife that has Facebook and for the life of me I cannot understand why anybody would want to have their lives bogged down by all of that.

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i’ve been 95% off facebook since the new year, and am having very little issue with it. have only been on there to ‘shop’ for bits of furniture on local sales groups once every few weeks. and i can do that offline, at the thrift stores, or by word of mouth. SO… i’m done.

i’ve left two abusive relationships in my life (plus fought tooth & nail for a few years to help my mom leave my dad), and this feels mildly similar. i’ve tried to leave several times (starting in 2012, when i had already been homesteading and mostly offline for several years), worried about the hurt i would cause by doing so, worried about leaving a positive legacy, etc. anxious about what i’d be missing out on, wondered whether it was worth it to leave. i’m done now.

first try:

second try:

third time’s the charm:


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