Portland Rewilding Conference


The Conference begins January 25-27th 2019. It seems to be very focused and well organized this year. Here is the link.


I really want to attend this but not sure if I can afford it. Perhaps next year!


I am concerned with that too, and might see I should still put it off until the next time. If it were low enough, I would go each time, not just plan if I can go once.


Start a Rewilding Convention where you live locally then.


I love that idea. I would consider it and I feel that if I went to one first I would know what people expected from a convention! I live in Los Angeles so not sure how many people are here and would be interested. Def give it a think! Thanks for the suggestion.


I can definitely join with you Haikujunky for any such Rewilding get-together that you would have going in the Los Angeles area, as I am really closer to there. But hopefully there is as much openness toward each in the communication there would be for what they share for rewilding, that we can all learn, and make meaningful choices from.


Yeah, it’s coming right up! I’m getting excited too. The speaker lineup for the first night is amazing. I got to be there for last year’s conference too and it was a lot of fun. Open Space is awesome.


I’ve been putting a lot of effort into this conference and really looking forward to it. :smiley: Hope to see some of you there!